Welcome to Crafter Studio

This is the first blog on this new website. Welcome! I would like to take some time to use this blog post to test out some features on this website. This blog will be updated consistently through our WordPress API so it needs to function accordingly. Let’s first start by testing out the image features. Below you will see a regular image without any captions or anything:

That was a picture taken from Quetzaltenango from Guatemala. It is quite a gorgeous place really. Okay, now that’s done, let’s test another image to see if it works – but this time with captions. Below is another image but with a nice little caption:

A picture that was taken from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

That was pretty cool, right? Let’s hope that it worked. Now, to continue our journey, let’s test out an image with everything we need including alt tags and stuff. Here’s an image that is properly formatted:

Chicken Bus
This is a chicken bus that is very popular in Guatemala. There’s no chicken in there.

Okay. I think we have done enough testing for your common everyday images. Now let’s get fancy and test out some special images. In the backend, we have created three different sizes for our images: default, wide, full-width. Each type of image will be sized differently. We have already tested the default image, so now let’s test the wide image:

Sunset in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Sunset in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

That requires a little bit of code editing, basically, I would need to add a CSS class to my tag to make sure it works. Okay, now that’s over let’s try it with our full-width image:

Mercado Las Flores
A market in Quetzaltenango

Hopefully, that worked out. If you haven’t noticed. We have yet to use headings in this post yet. That’s because we haven’t tested them so now let’s do that. Ideally, we would not need more than 2 levels of headings so only an H2 and H3 will be tested (H1 is reserved for the blog post title). Here is a H2 title:

Using Headings

As you can see, this is my H2 heading. You would probably use this the most often. However, if you have a lot of content and want to separate the content you may want to consider adding a few H3s here and there.

Why Headings Are Important

Headings are important to isolate main points within the idea you are trying to convey. Some people (like me) only skim the headings and not actually try reading the articles. So for people like me, headings are very important.

How To Use Headings

You should not have only 1 H3 underneath an H2. Headings are useful when you have a lot of content so use them only when you find that your ideas need to be organized in a better manner.

What Else?

Now that we have both headings and images tested out. We can further develop this blog post to support things such as blockquotes and other article-y things. For now, I will press this update button and hope that my post doesn’t look like crappy.

Text Styling

This is me trying to test some emphasis techniques. Remember to use bold to emphasize. If that comes across too harsh, you can use italics to give a smaller emphasis.

Blockquotes Without Citations

This is a blockquote, we can put quotes here that gets blown up on the screen.

Blockquotes With Citations

Let’s also try adding sentences here to see if these quotes are margined correctly.

This is a blockquote with citation. We can quote people and probably link that quote elsewhere.

my source goes here.

Another sentence go behind this quote. Happy reading everybody!